On the size of your collection, where and how you store your wine will largely depend. A wine refrigerator may be the best option if it is small to medium. You may require a wine cabinet for medium to large collections. You need a wine cellar for the large collection. You need a wine cellar for the large collections. Place your bottles in a dark and cool space such as an unused closet or a basement that is free from temperature fluctuations and sunlight. It is the simplest route.

• How would you create a system?

You will want to sort your collection in a way that makes it easy to find a bottle, once installation of wine cellar racks is done.

Here are a small number of ways you may think to organize your wine:

1. White and red wine:

Create one row for white, and another row for red. If you have an excess of one particular type, create another row. You can easily see exactly what you have by dividing your wine into categories.

2. Region-wise:

You may find it helpful to divide your wine collection by region if you are lucky enough to build a collection.

3. Date wise:

By organizing wine collection based on date-by-date, ensure you are uncorking your wine. Divide wine that has to be opened almost immediately in a detached area, for example, wall-mounted wine rack or a wine refrigerator.

Wine Cellar Racks

• How would you label your wine?

You can find bottles easily without having to pull out every bottle after your bottle are sorted and labeled. Add information on each bottle such as year and origin. Here are a small number of options:

1. Reusable wine tag:

The most popular and simplest way to label wine is reusable wine tags. These hang from the neck of the bottle. With these handy wine cellar tags, easily organize your wine cellar. For quick identification, each tag is colour-coded. With the provided dry erase marker, write specific information on them and as your collection grows simply erase to reuse.

2. Non-permanent marker:

The easy solution is to label the rack by using a non-permanent marker if you are storing wine in contemporary wine cellars. It allows you to label your wine with ease, so it is a convenient tool that works well with wooden wine racking. These pens can be used on any smooth surface and it is available in white ink.

3. Rack clip:

Add a rack clip directly to the rack and label using a non-permanent pen. It is another labeling option.

• How would you customize the cellar?

Staying organized is the best way to ensure you are getting the best use of your wine collection. It is the easiest to store wine towards the entrance of your wine cellar. It is important to pick a method you can sustain long term, though there is a lot of advice out there about how to keep your collection organized. You can remember exactly what you have if you have a large collection. To keep track of details you can use excel spreadsheet or a notebook. You can access from your Smartphone when you set up wine cellar racks at your home.

Bottom Line:

The wine cellar designers help you with organizing your wine cellar which can save your money and time, even if you prefer to do it by yourself. Wine collecting is extraordinary hobbies that will bring you years of pleasure, no matter how you decide to do it. Cheers to that!