You may have a wide collection of wine bottles; but do you have you a wine cellar? If you don’t have the cellar yet, install it soon with the help of the professional wine cellar designer. However, you need to know some common factors to keep the wine safe. And, I am going to discuss these common things that all wine lovers should know. Follow the below section to know this.

So how you store your bottles in the wine cellar? How you keep the taste of the wines for a long time? If you want to know all of these answers you need to follow my below tips. It is required to follow as at the serving your wines you don’t have to experience an embarrassing situation when your guests smell the damaged wine. It is to be noted that, the more bottle you have in your collection, you need to do more care. From arranging the bottles to keep its corks condition, you need to follow everything.

• Temperature:

The first thing is to maintain a stable temperature at the time of designing wine cellar construction in your basement. It is the most important point among all these. The proper temperature range is 55 to 58 degrees. This is good both for the red and white wines. You can keep both of these bottles at the same temperature. The professional cellar designer helps you to build the cellar that can maintain the mentioned temperature. Try to keep the temperature in a stable condition by maintaining the ideal temperature. The random fluctuations can distaste the wine.

• Dark place:

Light is not good for the wine. It has a negative effect on wine. Therefore, you need to keep the wines from the sunlight and from all kind of artificial bulbs in the underground spiral cellars. The UV rays can heat the wine and it will degrade the actual test of the wine.

• Humidity:

Another important factor is the humidity. You need to keep in mind that stores the wine in that place which has a suitable humidity. The ideal humidity of storing wine is 65% to 75%. The higher humidity from this can shrink the cork. Likewise, the lower humidity than its ideal level can also dry off the cork. So it is better to keep wine in an ideal humidity.

• Vibration:

Too much of the vibration can interrupt the ageing of the wine. It is better to choose the place where the wine bottles can be stable. In such a case, I suggest you keep the music box far away from the cellar as high volume can make frequent vibration. But when you open up your bottle, just shake up a bit, but be careful of this.

• Storage style:

It is important to keep the bottles horizontally. Laying them vertically can distaste the wine. And, if you keep the bottles vertically, the corks can get the touch of the wine. Therefore, it will not dry off. For ageing the bottles, it is good to keep the bottles horizontally. If anyhow oxygen enters into the bottle through the shrink cork, the taste of the wine will totally ruin.

It is a good idea to store the wine in the fridge for a short period of time. But it will be more not more than 10 to 15 days. But I recommend you do not store the wine in the fridge rather make a plan for wine cellar construction under the staircase, especially if you want to keep it for longer periods. The fridge temperature generally is below 45 degrees, and there is no humidity controller. Therefore, it is best to avoid the fridge. And you have already known that when the wine does not get the right humidity, the cork shrink and it will ruin the wine’s taste. I suggest you purchase wine racks that will match your interior decorators. It is better to take the suggestions of the professional and experienced cellar expert.

Bottom Line:

The Australian designer delivers the sophisticated designed cellar. They design the cellar within your budget. If you want a large cellar, they have the ability to design it and if you want to make a smaller or medium size cellar, they can design this also. But it is your responsibility to find out the best one.