Have you stored the wines in the kitchen cupboard? You may see that the bottles are sagging in the scorching heat of summer. Temperature control is the key to preserve the fresh taste of wine. To avoid this scenario customize the wine cellar with the advice of cellar designers. When you use the innovative technology to build your individual cellar, nothing can beat the taste of wine. But, to build the cellar, some points you should consider. These are elaborated below.

• Perfect place:

What would be the best place to keep the wine collection? If you have a basement at your home, then it is an excellent place to plan the construction. Basement is the one place where you can avoid the direct sunlight and where the temperature is down. However, it is to be noted that, wherever you keep the wine, in the basement or at the dining space, the cellar is needed. In this context it is noted that, people may find basement is the right place for its right environ. It is the common mistake as this vicinity is only perfect for the wine in the winter season, not in the summer.

• Perfect humidity:

Temperature control is another essential fact for properly aging the wine. The ideal temperature range of any wine is 55 to 58 degrees Fahrenheit. And, you can store the wine in 55 to 75 percent humidity level. Wherever the large wine cellar racks are placed, if you have a proper wine cooler, you don’t need anything. The cooler can control the temperature and humidity level. It can keep the temperature stable constant to prevent the aging of the wine. You need to keep in mind that if the cork dries off anyhow, it will ruin the taste of wine. The air can enter into the bottle through the dried cork and distaste the wine. The right humidity level keeps the cork moist and it acts like the seal of the bottle.

• Space capacity:

When you are planning to customize your cellar, especially the underground spiral cellars, do a count of your collections. The actual number of the bottles can give a plan for the size of the cellar. Generally, commercial wine cellars are designed in large sizes as customers get the opportunity to choose the wine from the vast collection. Make out the cellar which is large in size. Another opportunity of a large wine cellar in commercial place is that when the customers choose the wines, and if you not an immediate stock of wines, the gap will not be visible when anyone gives a glance towards the store. It will look unfilled when a large portion of your stock will get off from the storage. But this will never happen to the commercial storage. Before vacating the place, you will surely have your new collection.

• Electricity system:

When you set up the wine cooler into the cellar, you need to consider the electrical wiring of the cooler. The right designers of wine cellar racks have the knowledge of wiring and lighting systems. Along with this, the power back up is also needed. A long hour power disruption can ruin the wine, so it is better to have the function of power back up. Setting up the wiring and light fixtures are fairly difficult. The right team of Cellar Company can have the skills to set up the electric fixtures.

Bottom Line:

If you have started up to plan for the cellar construction then it is the right for you. You need to be extra sure as you are selling the wines. Before losing a great amount of money, it is always fine to make a plan and install it as soon as possible. It will not only showcase your restaurant, but you will find a bunch of new wine lovers at your restaurant.