Whether you are a casual drinker or oenophile, you need a wine store to keep the wines for a longer time. A question may arise to your mind that “am I storing the wine properly?” Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to understand the keeping of wine.

1. Plan for the wine store:

When you think that how to store wine, you should consider how many wine bottles you have. Another question is that how long will you store the wines? After that, decide on a proper design that will suit your everyday life. The wine cellar racks for basement showcases the variable wines. There is various kind of material you can choose to build up the cellar. One of them is wood that may suit your budget. You can also choose ready-made metal racks. The cellar designers customize the design according to the space and décor of your room. Apart from the custom design, the things you need to pay attention to are proper temperature, light, and proper humidity.


2. Choose dark places:

You need to store wines away from lights. Direct sunlight affects the wines. The ultraviolet rays of the Sun are harmful to the wines. Too much of light can create chemical interactions in the wine that can ruin the taste of wine. That is why; the wine companies keep the wine in the darker shade bottles so that the wine cannot get the direct exposure of the light. The lighter colour wine is not good for the fine taste.

Hence, you need to store the wine in a dark and dry place for its good taste. If you are ready to set up wine cellar construction design, be sure to install a solid UV-resistant door.

3. Keep the wine cool:

Storing the wine at the right temperature and the right humidity is always recommended by the experts. Sometimes you may see that people keep the wines at the warmest places in the home, especially in the kitchen. But wine dislikes high temperatures. The experts say that, if you keep the wines for longer periods of time, you need to store it in the coolest part of your home, if you want a natural wine store. The coolest space is the one that is free from the direct sunlight. Conversely, the wine cellar is the best one to keep the wine, as you can set an ideal temperature for the wines.
The ideal temperature for the wine is 55 degrees. However, you may keep the wine between 45 and 65 degrees. At the same time, the proper humidity is around 70 per cent. Wine experts say that this humidity level cannot dry out the cork. The cork is the pretty sensitive part of the wine bottle. If anyhow the cork gets dry, it will allow the air to enter into the bottles. Subsequently, the air will ruin the wine’s taste, and it will get worse.

4. Store the wine bottle at the proper way:

You may notice that some people keep the bottles at the upright position to save the space of the wine cellar racks with cooling units. If you keep the wines at that position, the cork may dry. And it is again notified that if the cork dries out, it will allow the air to enter into the bottle. In summation, it is to be recommended that store the wine at the particular position where the wines and the cork are in contact with each other. It will keep the cork moist.

If you have a lack of storage to keep the wine safe, you may consult with the wine cellar designer. They will design and install the wine racks to keep in mind the proper temperature, light, and humidity.