The wine cellar is a dream of every wine collector. Even, most of the homeowners today are looking for a wine cellar to increase the elegance and value of their property. Are you one of those people who is dying for a beautiful wine cellar? If yes, then you are just a few tips away from your dream wine storage. You need to ensure your plan includes the basic requirements. This blog has come up with certain tips that can help you get beautiful and functional wine cellar racks.


1. Consider how you would like to use your cellar

Why are you building the wine cellar, you need to answer the question first. You should make your plan based on this answer. If you want wine storage simply for storing your hard-earned wine collection, then your plan would not be as the plan required for wine storage that is meant only for entertainment. Next, you should determine the style. If you like the conventional approach, you can consider wood. For a contemporary wine cellar, you can try other materials like glass or metals. In most of the cases, people prefer to use glass when the look is the priority.

2. Determine the optimal storage conditions required for your collection

Before looking for wine cellar construction, you should learn the ideal conditions for storing and aging the wine. For the best result, you need to maintain 55 to 60°F temperature. You should keep the humidity from 60 to 70%. If you have space where these conditions exist naturally, you don’t have to create a controlled environment to preserve and store the wine. If you lack such space, you need to opt for an environment controlled wine storage. Wine coolers are the best choice for cooling the wine collection. These devices can maintain an environment perfect for your wine collection.

3. Invest in the right cooling unit

When it comes to choosing a wine cooler, you will find a direct relationship between price and the performance. If you are in search of a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution, then you can consider through-the-wall cooling systems. You will find these devices fully charged at the time of delivery. Split cooling systems enable you to locate some components outside the wine cellar and some components inside the cellar. Two refrigerant lines connect these two sets of components. Installation of this cooling system is not easy. You may need the professional help to install this kind of wine cooler.


4. Incorporate insulation, vapor, and airtight seal properly

Construction of a wine cellar depends on three aspects- insulation, vapor, and an airtight seal. Expert architects recommend a minimum of R12 and R19 insulation. If your cellar contains an exterior wall, R30 insulation is preferable. You need a vapor barrier to prevent the moisture. The most used vapor barrier is six-mil polyethylene sheeting. You need to wrap this sheet around the outside of your wine cellar racks. Apart from these, you need to ensure that no airflow is entering when the door is closed. An airtight seal can help you stop the air from entering the wine storage.

5. Decide on how the sections of glass should influence the wine cellar

Glass offers poor insulation in wine cellars since it has a low R-value. It implies that you need to account for the glass areas by calculating the thermal load of your wine cellar. Calculating the thermal load helps you pick the ideal cooling unit for your wine storage.

6. Arrange additional insulation for concrete walls

If concrete walls are your choice, then let me tell you that these walls offer poor insulation. Due to its porous nature, concrete is not able to save the wine cellar from moisture. If your cellar is constructed with concrete walls, you need to arrange additional insulation to keep your wine bottles in a good state.

Following these tips, you can get your dream wine cellar. To share your take on a wine cellar, please feel free to comment below!