No matter what is the size of your house- large or small, you can build your dream wine cellar. If you combine your hobby with interior design, you will be able to give a life to your love of wine. Though interior design trends are ever-changing, there are some evergreen designs that have defeated the time. In this blog, we are going to discuss ten amazing wine storage ideas to inspire you and help you manage a space for your wine cellar. A wine room or a small wine closet will help you keep your hard-earned collection of wine at a good state.

Wine cellar designs

Listed below are ten best wine cellar designs:

1. Glass Cellar

A glass cellar will increase the beauty, elegance, and aristocracy of your house largely. This floor-to-ceiling wall can create a focal point in any room. Apart from this, it will allow your visitors to marvel at the wine storage from any angle.

2. Tasting Table

To avail dedicated space for tasting, you should place a wine barrel in your cellar. It would complement the small cellars in the best possible way.

3. Wine Closet

A wine closet can fulfill your dream even out of a small space. It would save your space and at the same time, it would be reasonable too. This small setup is no less beautiful than the other designs.

4. Wine & Dine

Do you have enough square footage in your wine cellar, then you can consider a dine arrangement along with your wine cellar. Just place a dining table centered by chairs and make your access to wine easy while dining.

5. Wine Wow

Wine Wow is an elegant wall system that should be built carefully; otherwise, the artistic beauty can be affected. To get this design, you should hire a professional to develop this modern masterpiece for your home. If you want to watch your hobby of wine collection grab all the appreciations, you must try this design.

6. Great Wall of Wine

Do you have a wide collection of wines? Then this is one of the best wine cellar designs for you. You can choose any wall in your house to mount wine racks. It will allow you to display as many bottles as you have. Having a variety of white and red wine would be an added benefit. It will look like a beautiful wall art.

7. Stair Winery

It is a perfect idea for those who have space-related issues. Stair winery and save your space and produce a one-of-a-kind right under your staircase. It is an easier and reasonable way of storing wine in comparison to a full downstairs cellar.

8. Under the counter

Wine is a used to cook many recipes. It would be good if you manage a small space in your kitchen to place attractive wine cellar racks. You can install wine refrigeration units under your kitchen island to cool the white ones and regulate the red ones.

9. Box Wine
You can create wall-mounted shadow boxes to place your wine collection and wine essentials. To get the modern elegance and traditional aristocracy together, you should apply his modern concept on a traditional wine rack. It will help your home get a contemporary look.

10. Books and Wine

You can incorporate an extra shelving space in any library, media rooms, or your study room to store your wine collection. If you want to enjoy the divine sips of wine like the famous poet John Keats –“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather, and a little music played out of doors…” library is the best place for building a wine storage.
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