Wines are expensive. No doubt, this expensive alcoholic brew has made the people to be fascinated towards it. The fascination has not developed overnight. Instead, the people across the world had the fascination for the wine. Many of the people believed in the storage of the wine and the wine bottles. There are many connoisseurs of wine who prefer to store the different types of wine bottles been collected from different parts of the globe and store them at a place that is the wine cellars. The need of wine cellar has grown in the due course of time when the people’s immense love to store the wine bottles came into being.

What are Wine Cellars?

Wine cellars are the human-made structure to store wine bottles. When it comes to storing capacity of the wine cellars, it varies according to the type and design. Experts believe that the storing capacity of the wine cellars largely depends on the wine cellar designs. With the passage of time, the design of the wine cellars has changed largely. From simple cellars to custom cellars, is the proof that ensures that wine cellars have traversed through a transitional phase.

Mostly wine cellars are made up of wood. Other commonly used materials for the wine cellars are the plastic containers, carboys and the amphorae. To add beauty and elegance to the modern day cellars, the builders of the cellars are adding design and architectural pattern to wine cellars to make it look more attractive.

Types of Wine Cellars

With the time, the designers and the wine cellar construction companies have come up with the different types of wine cellars based on the need of the people. The ancient day storage of the wine bottles has been completely different as compared to the modern day concept of wine storage. Based on the presence or the placement of the wine cellars, the wine cellar construction is categorised into two broad categories-

  • Underground wine cellars
  • Aboveground wine cellars

Things to Consider in Cellar Construction

Construction of wine cellars has never been an easy task. The experts engaged with the construction of the wine cellars make it sure that the wine cellars so constructed meet with the specific conditions to ensure that the quality of the wine stays intact even after the storage for days and years. These cellar construction companies keep intact the different factors that ensure that the quality and taste of the wine remains unaltered-

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light

Reasons for Keeping the Factors in Mind

The main reason to keep the factors in mind is that any misbalance in these factors lead to the alteration of the quality and the taste of wine. Wine is a perishable processed food product obtained from the fermentation of the fruits. Therefore, the companies engaged in the construction of the wine cellars ascertain that the wine cellar designs are such that it should be able to protect this highly sophisticated alcoholic drink from any types of external influences capable enough to alter the taste of the wine.

How Factors Play the Key Role in Wine Preservation

During the wine cellar construction, it is mandatory to ensure that the wine cellars keep the wine bottles and the wine properly. Therefore, the companies involved in the construction of the wine cellars make sure that the wine cellars be the perfect place and should meet the essential criteria necessary to give the wines the perfect storage.

Wine and the wine bottles should never be left exposed to the light. Light decomposes the constituents of the wine and alters the taste of the wine. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the wine bottles in the wine cellars are in a proper dark place. The pitch darkness provided in the wine cellars by the cellar construction companies during the wine cellar construction is considered the prime reason for consideration while choosing the best wine cellars.

Another factor that needs to be kept in mind during the cellar construction and design is the provision of maintaining the temperature. For keeping the taste of the wine intact, it is necessary to make sure that wine cellars be so constructed it is able to maintain the temperature as required by the wine.

The cellar construction companies have another important thing to keep in mind. The humidity is another major factor that plays the vital role in the wine bottle storage. An extremely low temperature within the wine cellar may lead to the cork of the wine bottles to dry up. However, if the humidity of the wine cellar is maintained properly then the wine spillage can be avoided.

Wine Cellars as per the Design

Over the years, what has been the striking feature for the wine cellar companies is the design and production of different types of wine cellars. The different types of wine cellars as per the design are as follows-

  • Spiral Cellars
  • Contemporary Cellars
  • Bespoke Cellars
  • Classic Cellars


The cellar design and construction has been the need of the time. Many of the wine lovers love to preserve the wine and the wine bottle as well. The taste of the wine also changes with years. Therefore, to ensure that the wine remains in the best of its form the wine cellars play the crucial role.