Installing a beautiful cellar at home has become the trends these days. Most homeowners in Australia are picking the best designs for their home wine cellar. Therefore, how do you stay at home without a marvelous cellar?

Apart from the common features that almost all wine lover as well as the wine companies know, you need to know something more about the cellar construction that are vital though uncommon.

Let’s discuss the basic features first in a nutshell before knowing the other vital facts that only a passionate wine lover and a competent wine cellar designer know.

The temperature of the cellar inside should be in between 120C to 250C else the wines would be rotten. According to the experts, when the wines are kept in over temperature it tastes like cooked, on the other hand, when the bottles are kept inside the fridge it tastes bitter. Therefore, right temperature is required.

The right humidity is a must. The humidity should be between 65% and 75%, else chances are, and else the cellar gets affected by fungi that are the biggest foe of the wine bottles.

The wines are as delicate as flower. Therefore, make sure the place where you wish to have the wine cellar construction, must be free from loud noise and vibration else, the quality of the wines start decreasing. Also, make sure that the place is far from direct sunlight because the UV ray of sunlight is harmful for the wines.

Now, let’s have a look some more features that you need to know about before installing the wine cellar at your home.

You need to install the wine cellar conditioner

Cellar conditioner turns almost any space into a custom cellar. No matter where do you like to install the cellar, the conditioner will surely convert the space a perfect place for the wine bottles. Do you thing that the ordinary home air conditioner is enough for that. Never! This is the trick behind the right technology and methodology of wine storage design. The expert designers will surely provide you with the wine cellar conditioner. But, do install the digital conditioner inside the cellar.

You don’t need the basement to install wine cellar

As long as the cellar is properly installed in your place you do not need a prominent basement beneath the room. Now, with the high tech technology, the installers install the best wine cellars at anywhere. As the experts say that the conditioner, the humid controller, the material of the inner walls of the room matter the most than the place. On the other hand, with the technology-based trendy machines help the best while you are engaging in wine room construction.

Considering the space in important

Consider the space. Tell your cellar builders where and how big you want the cellar. Cellars in different spaces need different style and technique of installation. For example, they install a stronger conditioner if you want the cellar indie the kitchen, as the kitchen itself is the warmest place of the home, therefore, needs special care.

Hope, these were the extra vital information that you did not know but should know before installing wine cellar construction at home. Now, you are ready to start your dream project.