If you are a wine-lover, you cannot take your eyes off from the best quality vin de table. But keeping a wine cellar at home is completely different matter. Now, you need to know why it is different. Firstly, a wine cellar is going to cost you much and therefore, if you are not a wine lover, you should better decline the idea of keeping a designer cellar at home.

Secondly and finally, a wine room without proper quality wines will be a great loss. Therefore, you need to have good ideas regarding the wines before you start thinking about a wine storage design.

At the same time, you need to have good ideas regarding the making of the wine cellars. Otherwise, as you know, the wines age faster enough and may get decayed faster.


What to do for wine storage designs

Before designing the wine storage, there comes the matter of the wine cellar construction. As you know, it is better to create a wine cellar in the basement, you should, therefore, plan for setting the vapour barriers properly in the basement itself. It will help to maintain the humidity quotient automatically. Afterward, you need to install the insulation in the inner layer of the vapour barrier. You should take the help of the expert wine cellar builders in this regard. The wine cellar builder can guide you properly to build a wine cellar or set the insulations inside. The insulations should be on all the sides, from the top of the ceiling to the walls and on the floors as well. The reason for such work is that the vapour should not be passed or the atmosphere inside the cellar should not be affected.

Once the insulation is properly set, you need to think about the wine cellar coolant system. The coolant system of the wine cellar should be kept in a way that does not affect the wines. At the same time, you may need to install the humidifiers as well. In order to maintain the action of humidification, the humidifiers are sometimes needed the most. There should be 75% humidity to be maintained while the temperature should be within 12 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius.

Now, there comes the matter of designing. If you want to design a custom wine cellar, you need to set the wine racks and the lightings properly. The racks of the wine cellar should be based on the idea of how the wines should be placed. You can ask the cellar builder regarding the setup of designer wine racks even.

However, you may choose to build spiral cellars for your home as well.

How do you create the spiral cellars?

Creating the spiral cellar is the most cost effective cellar building process. You can dig a hole at a chosen place and upon that place, you can gradually set the vapour barrier, insulation and then can put the modules one by one to build the complete spiral cellar.

In fact, if you consider a better wine room construction, you can choose spiral cellars over all the other wine rooms as they are cost effective and exquisite as well.

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