If you get the chance of storing the wines underneath your home, you may not want to lose the chance. As a wine lover, you can store the wines perfectly in the cellars. It will ensure that the items will stay secure for a long period. Now the matter is what will be perfect as a wine cellar for home. Here, this context wants to share thoughts regarding the matter of creating the wine cellars at home.

No matter what sort of wine cellar you choose to create, the wine cellar should be made at the coolest place of the home. The outer atmosphere should not disturb the place. The wine cellar should be built at a place that will not be affected by the warmth, UV ray of the sun, insects, damp and moulds. At the same time, you need to check that water and extreme temperature do not affect the place.


What kind of wine cellar will be better?

If you ask for a choice, then the spiral cellars should be the most exquisite and cost effective. The spiral cellars are undoubtedly the best about wine cellar designs. If you want to know why so, you need to look at the creative formation of the spiral-shaped cellars.

The spiral cellars have received their names from their shapes. The designer shape will not let you be worried about the designs. However, it is not the matter of designing the cellars. You need to remember that the matter of design should not overshadow the crucial matters like the preserving measurements.

What is important for the wine cellars?

Three things are crucial for a wine cellar –

  • Location
  • Climate control
  • Vapour barrier

You can decide about the wine room construction on the surface area, which will cost you more. It may also be difficult to preserve wines because wines are sensitive and age faster if the climate is not controlled. Now, take a look at these three factors to know how importantly they take part in the construction process of the underground wine cellars.

The underground cellars should be properly insulated so that the external temperature does not affect the wines stored inside. If the wines are not properly maintained, they may naturally get ruined. The temperature should also be maintained properly inside the wine cellars. The vapour barriers and insulation helps to maintain that temperature. The humidity levels should be in between 65% to 75% while the temperature should not go beyond 14 degrees in Australia. It should be kept or maintained so because the rare wines may get affected badly if they are not taken care of properly.

The design of the cellars

If you have spiral cellars, the design will not be a big headache. But the wine racks should be properly created and maintained. The wine cellars may or may not have places for people to sit inside and enjoy the tastes of different wines (if you have a spiral cellar, then it may not be at all possible). In your wine cellar, you need to have enough space that you can properly use. In that case, you can choose different designs for your wine cellars and match it according to your mind.

If you choose to build spiral cellar at home, then your wine racking, insulation, and design related issues can be fixed sooner. However, you may choose some other kind of wine cellar designs for your little wine room. Nevertheless, whatever you do, you should not forget to apply the vapour barrier, climate control measurements like AC and humidifiers properly.

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