If you are a wine connoisseur, you may not keep yourself from designing the wine cellars at home if you get the chance. The wine cellars are certainly one of the priciest possessions at the household. In the wine cellar, you can keep different types of wine. It is not like a freezer at home where you will only keep wine for a few hours or a day, but maintaining the class of wine takes the most vital part in the process of wine cellar designs.

So, what you need to know is that how to properly design a wine cellar. You should know that a wine cellar is generally designed at home. You can build it at any part of the home, but considering the maintenance factor, it is better to be created in the basement or in the underground area.

Wine Cellar Construction

Why create a cellar at the basement?

You need to understand that the wine cellars are meant to maintain the cold atmosphere. The basement areas are usually created underground and therefore, they are usually colder than the land surface area. No matter how hot the weather is on the top, the cellar should always be cold. The temperature in the cellar should be in between 120 to 250 Celsius. In this temperature, the wine will remain at a static stage and age slowly.

At the same time, you need to remember that humidity also plays a big role in this process. Humidity inside the cellar should be about 75% (but not more than that) so that the cellar can properly protect the alcoholic beverages.

Maintaining the atmosphere in cellar

The atmosphere of the cellar should be properly maintained all the times. In order to maintain the right atmosphere of the cellar, you need to set the insulations properly. At first, (if you choose to create wine cellar in the basement), you need to set the wooden structure at the basement for creating the cellar. Then, you should imply the insulations. The insulations in the cellar should be done with the help of polyvinyl carbonate (in between the two walls). The insulation should also be applied on the ceiling and on the floor as well. Apart from the insulations, you need a humidifier as well as the air conditioners for your wine cellar as well. In this regard, you can get better help from an expert wine cellar builder. The person can also suggest you regarding the best kind of cellar design for your wine cellar.

How to design the wine cellars?

Designing the wine cellar is one of the crucial matters. You may not put your nose in the primary matters or during the installation of the insulation or the air conditioners, but the process of wine cellar designs will certainly need your interference. You may choose the Victorian style design or the modern glass designs for the wine cellars. In order to build the wine cellar or setting the design, you should check out the facts that –

  1. Lowlights should not create a trouble for the wine cellar. Usually, bright lights are not applied in the wine cellars and therefore, the users or homeowner should take care of the fact that the low light setup does not affect the view.
  2. The wine cellar design should not affect the insulation or the technical factors like humidifiers or the cooling systems as well as the atmosphere of the wine cellar by any chance.

The expert wine cellar builder will help you to find the right wine cellar designs for your cellar if you accompany with him properly.

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