Novinophobic? Well, not to worry about at all at least in this modern day. When there are companies to build wine cellars for you, you need not to worry. With the aid of these companies, you are capable of having your own wine room construction done. It is a good old saying that one can never buy happiness. But has the ability to buy wine and that is kind of the same thing. To the vino lovers, stocking wine bottles of different collection is some sort of hobby and they have been excelling in it by constructing different types of wine cellars or the wine room.

The wine has become a craze for many people. This craze has given birth to the increment in the trend of owning a cellar at home and because of this, many of the house builders have included the provision of wine room cellar building in their design. Some of the contractors are seen asking their clients if they want to have a wine cellar built at your place. Based on the suggestion and desire of the house owner, space is dedicated to a house for the purpose of wine collection.

No matter where do you stay in, the customised modern day cellars can find their space of their own within the house. The builders are providing the provision where the wine cellar can be easily adjusted. The traditional wine cellars or rooms were not advanced enough. They lacked all the technological or scientific implementation. This shortcoming made the traditional cellars to be kept or placed only and only at places that were moist and dark.


There are various factors that determine the wine cellar construction. The major ones are-

  • Determining the Location

For any type of cellar construction like that of the spiral cellars, location plays a major factor. A right choice of location is always going to determine the health of your cellar. Mind it! The cellar. It is because exposing the cellar to any direct sunlight or water can make the cellar to malfunction.

By keeping everything okay while placing the wine room, the factors that are being controlled by the cellar is also maintained. Like for example-

  • The proper placement of the cellar will help the cellar to maintain the required temperature. The exposure of the cellar to the sunlight is going to raise interior temperature of the cellar. Hence, will affect the wine.
  • Placement of the cellar determines the internal humidity. According to the experienced designers who have years of expertise in the wine cellar designs, too much humidity within the cellar is always going to ruin the quality of the wine. Hence, maintaining the humidity at any cost should always be the top priority.
  • In order to choose the cellar size, accessing the location is very much required. This is the reason why determining the location plays a major role in wine room construction.


  • Concentrating on the Insulation

The thicker the wall of the wine room or the wine cellar, the more controlled environment one would get. Ensuring that the insulation provided is the quality one and can meet the need. The modern day wine storage design promotes the usage of spray foam. Spray foams can be both a good insulator and a vapour barrier. It is essential for the cellar and the cost is also reduced.

  • Preferring Use of Wine Cooling Units

Wine cooling units are not the same as that of the normal cooling units. The later ones are not capable of controlling the humidity. The specificity of the wine cooling units is that they are capable of removing the excess moisture from within a room.

  • Adding a Proper Lighting System

Lights are always the cherry. The proper lighting determines the style, design pattern of the cellar. Lighting sources that produce heat should always be a big NO. Lights are always used or are the preferred media to flaunt the wine bottles collection. The companies are giving cold lights like LED that have almost zero heat emission.

  • Proper Doorway Sealing

This is the reason why the underground wine cellars are still considered one of the best cellars. The proper insulation it provides at the entrance and the exit keeps the required features within the room only. The modern day cellar designers make use of the glasses for the doorways as a part of their wine storage design concept to give the collection a flaunt. It is really appreciable and a good going task!

The wine room construction is not at all an easy task. It puts stringent of the criteria to test to enable a cellar that is worthy both functionally and economically. The cellar should ensure to meet the requirements as needed to keep the wine silky.

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