Do you own a cellar of your own? Well, if you are continuously procrastinating your plan to build a cellar at your place due to the lack of space, spiral cellar is the best option to be taken in consideration. The larger spaced spiral cellars have taken the form of concise wine cellars over the time. These wine cellars are super fantastic and have the ability to store a little above approximately 1500 bottles. However, the number of bottle storage depends completely on the size of the spiral cellar. For the wine enthusiasts, having a collection of wine bottles and picking up the best from the collection at the time of dinner seems to be a part of an impossible dream.

In modern days, the lack of space has made the genuine underground wine cellars a history. While, according to the experts, the old days underground wine cellars were the perfect places to store wine because the requirements for the wine were met naturally. However, with the passage of time, stress was received on land for human survival as a result, the concept of underground wine cellar gradually faded away.


The lack of space, especially in the urban location, where every inch fetches millions, the vino lovers were left with the only option to opt either for the artificial temperature controlled storage or storing the wine at places that are cooler like kitchen, under the stairs or in the garage. However, none of the place gave the satisfactory result. Therefore, the wine cellar manufacturing companies came up with the idea of spiral cellars that would not only take small space to be installed but will have the best wine storage capacity.

A classy in appearance, the spiral cellars, allows the vino lovers to keep the wine bottles of their collection to be kept at home. A proper storage helps an easy accessibility by keeping the wine bottles in the best of the conditions. To many people, it is a mere misconception that the wine cellars would restrict the accessibility of the wine bottles. Prior to that, the construction of the spiral cellars requires a lot of pre planning. Therefore, they keep themself away from having a wine cellar.

The fact is that, keeping the wine bottles at a room temperature or at home condition is a pure disadvantageous as far as the quality of the wine is concerned. It is because a home or room condition is never in a situation to give the wines the required temperature. It is a known fact that keeping the wine bottles at a temperature that is not favourable, for even a month is going to damage the wine irreparably.



Wines get better with age. Therefore, it is utmost needed to keep the wine bottles with extreme care by keeping in mind the favourable conditions required by the wine to give it a silky taste. The favourable conditions needed by the wine to give it a perfect storage or the wine storage design must be such that it provides the conditions required. The conditions are-

  • Able to maintain an optimum temperature
  • Able to maintain a proper humidity to ensure the bottle corks remain the best
  • Ability to keep hold of the coolness within the cell
  • Should be able to provide the required darkness

Darkness is the key factor that needs be taken extra care. Darkness puts a favourable impact on the quality of wine. Therefore, a wine cellar is said to be perfect only and only when the above criteria are met by the wine cellars.

After the wine room construction or the installation of the wine cellars, it must be taken care that the wine cell testing be done to make sure the cellars provide the best storing artificial environment for the wine bottles. Therefore, the experts go for the quality check of the wine cellars.

Testing the Wine Cell-

  • Checking for any air leakages within the storage rooms, switches, pipes vents or any other such sources
  • Checking for the proper insulation of the doors
  • Checking for the proper cooling and refrigeration process
  • Check all the safety add-ons like humidifier fountains or fire or smoke alarms if they are working properly

A wine room construction is a challenging task. There is hardly any scope of a single fault on the part of designing or implementation or while choosing the faulty materials with which the cellar or the room would be constructed. It is something like building a safe for the wine bottles. So proper steps and care need to be taken during the cellar construction and all sorts of pros and cons should be taken into contemplation. A beautiful wine room with the best spiral cellars are always an added asset for a house.

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