A wine cellar is doubtlessly the reflector of your passion for wines. Therefore, while you think of designing the cellar, many themes cover your imagination. However, if you are planning for a wine room or a spacious cellar, it will be wise to get in touch with an experienced wine cellar builder. An expert can present various types of wine cellar designs in front of you to choose the perfect one from the bunch.

Before sharing the aesthetic concepts regarding the designs of wine cellars, it will be wise to talk regarding wine room construction.

Construction process

At first, you need to know where you can put your wine cellar. Even though you can set up the wine cellars at any place at your home, the best choice is to set it up in the basement.

Wine Storage Design

  • Weather control is a key feature for slowing down the aging process of wine and therefore, you need to store it at a cool place. However, building a cellar and storing wines there like the old times will not assure justice to the wines. So, you need to construct the wine cellar properly so that it can maintain the right temperature to store wines for a good period.
  • While you are considering an underground wine cellar, you need to choose the place properly. Your fast access to the cellars should also be considered in this regard. The insulating process and vapour barrier installation are the basic concern for making wine cellars. The temperature of the surrounding environment may soar high but the interior temperature should be limited in between 12 degrees to 25 degrees (Celsius).
  • During the construction the installation of the studs matter most. You can direct the wine cellar builder in this regard. You can either set plans for installing 2X4 constructions or 2X6 constructions. The bigger you consider the more wines you can store. However, in this regard, you need to consider the installation of additional insulation so that the size of cooling units can be curbed. You should not forget installing the insulations on the ceiling and on the floor as well. The same should be followed for the vapour barriers also.
  • Once the insulation and vapour barriers are properly settled, you need to set the cooling units to maintain the temperature. If required, you should also consider the installation of the humidifiers as well. Along with that, you can consider the lighting set up according to your choice of wine storage design.

Here, it is important to mention that some of the common mistakes are made while constructing a wine storage. It will be better to avoid these deliberate mistakes.


These mistakes are actually ignited by some sorts of misconceptions. Hopefully, sharing them will help you to avoid the repetition.

Climate control in the underground cellars

At the earlier times, the traditional cellars never used modern climate control techniques. Therefore, many consider that climate control measurements can be avoided during underground wine cellar construction. If you cautiously follow the complete building process of the ancient cellars, you will find some sorts of advanced architectural implications (according to that period) which helped to maintain the quality of the wines for years. In fact, underground cellars do not stay cool throughout the year. Therefore, using the modern climate control equipment will be beneficial.

Inadequate insulation

As mentioned in the manufacturing process, you need to apply the insulation on the ceiling as well as on the floor. Along with that, you should apply humidity resistant ply on the floor and on the wall, so that the wooden frame (or the theme you have chosen for your cellar) does not get affected by the moisture.

Choice of the door

The cellar doors should be technically correct. They do not only provide an aesthetic appeal but also ensure proper insulation. The cellar temperature should be protected properly and therefore, you need to choose the right door for the wine cellar. Glass doors for wine cellars are the perfect choice for insulations, but you can also suggest the wine room builders in some other ways.

Wine rack designs

The size of a wine room and its capacity depends on the designs of wine racks inside. Therefore, while you are considering wine room construction at your basement, you should leave the racking set ups to the experts. A wine cellar company can help you better in this regard. Space optimization of a wine cellar is certainly a concern besides the budget-range, but only the experts associated with a company can help you to manage everything properly.

Once your wine cellar is completed properly, you can consider it even as a resting place at the day’s end. If you are looking for custom wine cellar designs or seeking the help of experts regarding a perfect wine room construction, giving a buzz to Signature Cellars – one of the leading wine cellar companies in Australia will be helpful.

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