In a broad sense, you can call a wine cellar a kind of a large refrigeration system where temperature has been maintained in a certain level and the humidity has been maintained with a systematic manner. Cooling is one of the basic factors to preserve wines for use. However, the thing is that wines should not be dipped in such a temperature that can change the quality of wines. The excessive low or high temperature makes the quality of wine dipping down. This is the reason; you have to manage the entire room for wine cellar construction perfectly before and after installing cellar in the room.


There are two kinds of wine preservation systems: one is for regular use and the other is for maturing. The process of preservation is something different from one to another but the basic theme is same. For the preparation of wine cellar, you need to protect the negative effect of the atmosphere and make it safer for quality degradation. For keeping the cooling uniformity, you should build up the best sort of wine cellar, which is smallest as possible.

After wine room construction, the authorities discuss every alerting detail to the wine cellar so that your wine cellar does not damage the wines after building so much expense.


Have a look at the detail construction of wine cellar-

The preparation of ceiling– you have to keep in mind that the entire room where the wines will be preserved will be fully moist proof and damp proof so that this does not hamper the accommodation quality in the room. So, use at least R-19 insulation and the best sort of vapor barrier.

Flooring– This is the vital part of wine cellar designs, basically, when it is prepared in the basement. The damp is certain to enter into the system. Wherever the wine cellar is designed, the demand of complete insulation is essential so that the room cannot get anything in touch unwanted to the system. It is always better to keep totally separate from the normal atmosphere of the wine cellar.

Here also, you can use the same R- 19 insulation, which is used for the ceiling, and obviously, the vapor barrier is a must.


What is a vapor barrier?

Vapor barrier is also a kind of insulation that protects vapor to enter from the environment and keeps the vapor out if there is any vapor inside. It is better to use six to eight millimeter plastic sheeting and this must be set to the warm side of the insulation. If the vapor barrier is set on the wine cellar side, it may condensate the vapor and can damage the walls you have created. Therefore, the durability of the wine cellar will be less. It is; however, better to wrap the entire cellar with a plastic coating for complete vapor protection.

The cellar preparation steps-

  • You have to use the best water-based sealant on the floor and if the tiles are used on the floor, it should be on the sealant perfectly tight with adhesive. You have to install vapor barrier on the walls and the ceiling then.
  • Select a particular area in the room where you want to set up the wine cellar and create separate entity from the entire room if the room is large enough in comparison to the requirement. Consider revising the plan according to your requirement.
  • If you do not want to preserve the wine for maturing, you can install the wine cellar in the basement or under the basement. It is better to install spiral cellars in the basement digging inside it. This is the best ever stylish cellar with all modern facilities. From the top, you can get the view of the entire collections and it is easy to bring the desired ones.
  • Select the door that is convenient for you keeping the entire terms of the cellar intact. The door must be made or wood or glass or rimed glass with the rubber belt insulation so that the outer heat and vapor cannot enter inside it. You have to close the door as soon as you enter into it or come out of it. Choose the best wine cellar company that assures the best cellar ever.
  • The finished wall surface registrant materials should be used. It is better not to use metal frame and shelves as they become cooler than expected. This is the reason; you have to prepare them with the mellow woods. It is better if you can use redwoods and matured woods of the best kind, which can protect mildew as well.
  • After installing everything, wine cellar builder will process to install wine racks. This is the vital point of interest in the wine room. While preparing wine racks, make sure that the cork side of the bottles are slight upwards that keep wine or beer safe.
  • If you prepare underground wine cellars, it is the best consideration ever in all perspectives.

Therefore, for wine cellar construction, you have to be tricky and knowledgeable enough. However, the best wine cellar installation company always does the best for you logically and informs you further maintenance.

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