Having a wine closet at the house is a dream for many homeowners. However, before considering building the wine closet, it is important to check out a few things. A wine cellar is certainly not something that can be built anywhere. Maintaining the wines properly over the period is also an important factor. Therefore, prior to the wine room construction, homeowners should ensure a few things.


  • Place

The place or position where the cellar is about to be created should be properly chosen so that the wine room does not get affected by the random changes of temperature in the weather. In fact, the places where power shortage is common, homeowners should not even think of building wine cellars there without an alternate power supply system.

  • Temperature

Proper insulation, vapor barriers should be placed to maintain temperature. The temperature should not be more than 55 degrees (Fahrenheit) inside the cellar. Proper framing is also an important factor for settling the wine cellar because that helps to settle the temperature.

  • Provisions for air circulation

In order to maintain the temperature, split systems, as well as ducted systems, should be installed.

  • Lighting

Minimal temperature is perfect for a wine cellar. Therefore, setting the minimal amount of light will be perfect for wine cellars.

Building a wine cellar at home is a matter of proper planning. Those, who are interested in trying DIY methods (tutorials are also available on the internet), may follow the suggestions of the experts, but there is sheer doubt about how successful the practices will be. In order to make a proper wine cellar at the house, it will be wise to talk with an experienced wine cellar builder to avoid commotions.

Most of the wine cellar builders, as well as the homeowners, consider that the underground wine cellars are perfect for a modern household. It is a fact that making an underground cellar covers the temperature related issues properly. Installing a spiral cellar underground may be lesser space-consuming as well as cost effective. A spiral cellar can contain a huge number of wine bottles inside. As a natural underground construction, spiral cellars can properly maintain the temperature as well. Modern homeowners may choose to install custom-glass wine-bottle holders in the spiral cellars for making its appearance more attractive.

Before drawing an end to this conversation, it should be mentioned that a person passionate about wine could only think of a designer wine room construction at the own residence. Consultation with the experts from Signature Cellars may be helpful for the enthusiasts from NSW area.

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