Wine lovers are no doubt passionate for collecting years of old wines and having them whenever they want. On the other hand, you have also requirements to take them regularly. It is better to plan for preparing a wine cellar at home. Stylish wine cellar always enhances the graffiti of the room and the prestige of the owner in front of the guests and relatives. This is also subject to aristocracy when you have a well-designed cellar to store your favorite bottles.

While planning for creating aristocratic wine cellar at your apartment, you have to think of the place available. There are various kinds of designer wine cellars available to install. Only you have to select one of them. The most wanted modular wine cellar designs are-

  • Spiral cellars
  • Contemporary cellars
  • Classic cellars
  • Bespoke cellars

Let’s discuss the feature and functionality of spiral cellars now to learn more about it.


What is spiral cellar?

Spiral cellars are highly aristocratic, innovative and feature-ending modular wine cellar having a cylindrical appearance. The entire system provides natural cooling functionality and passive ventilating system to an underground chamber in which the bottles are to keep. The most amazing thing is that you do not have to spend any additional energy to perceive the system. The installation period for the cellars is as less as two weeks.

The installation of spiral cellars

You can access the spiral cellars through the trap doors which are customized with tiles, motorized floor-boards or even by floorboards. It is better to install in a south facing room, however, it can be set up at anywhere in the entire apartment. If you prefer, you can establish it to the extension of your apartment.

The specialty of the cellars

Everybody has his distinct choice to execute his superiority. When you need to show your superiority and aristocracy, the spiral wine cellars inflict that much upon you. For personal use or for a family party, these cellars are innovative. On the other hand, as they do not cover any floor space, and enters directly through the underground, you will get the maximum of usable space above ground level.

The capacity of the cellars

The premium cellars can hold standard bottles counted from 1100 to 1800 depending on its upright depth.

This is why, spiral cellars are highly recommended to you for developing an aristocratic look and ambiance in front of all your guests and attendants.